Learn The Side Effects Of Stress On The Body

Stress is our body response to certain situations and can trigger anxiety, fright, anger or tension in many people. Work pressure or unsolved issues at home can often make us experience stress. The effect of stress on our body can be either physical or psychological. We can identify a few effects of stress on our body easily whereas some can be a detected only at a later stage. In either case it is a challenge to cope with the effects of stress which may sometime also prove to be detrimental.


Stress is everywhere and is unavoidable. What is more important is how we deal with the different kinds of stress in our daily life. The effect of stress on our mental body is much complicated and difficult to identify than the effect of stress on our physical body. The effects of stress can be considered positive if it is short termed and leaves us a strong mind to fight further challenges in our lives. The negative effect of stress is believed to be hazardous as there is seldom any relief and can often lead to nervous breakdown making it more difficult to cope with the situation.

Effects Of Stress Can Be Physical and Mental Too

Frequent Headaches, stomach upsets, chest pains, sleep related problems, high blood pressure and ulcers are some of the ill effects of stress on the physical body. Stress can further result in skin ailments like hives, increase heart palpitations, hyperventilation and also pave way to many problems related to the heart. And if a proper stress relieving method is not chosen at the right time, it can further complicate the stress condition.

In fact we can prevent the cause and effect of stress. Make sure you take some time off your office or from your home front activities. Take a break from the issue after a stressful period, let be office or any place for that matter. It is advised to leave the office work at your work place and avoid bringing office tensions home as it can aggravate and increase the stress at home for you as well as your family.

The best way to get rid of the effects of stress is to stay physically and mentally healthy and refreshed. If we do not stay fit, a slight disturbance in our surroundings can cause a severe imbalance in our physical and mental health. It is our capability to learn to deal with our day to day stress and keep away from the disastrous effects of stress on our body.



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