Different Stress Reduction Techniques

Stress is a harmful disease that can detriment our health by causing many illness and maladies. Stress has become a part of our daily lives which has paved way for many stress reduction methods that helps to deal our stressful condition. Many stress reduction therapies are available to us now, each providing a unique technique to deal with different types of stress. The three different kinds of stress reduction techniques are physical, environmental and mental.


Physical Stress Reduction Techniques

The physical stress reduction technique involves three main methods that are breathing, biofeedback and exercise. Deep and controlled breathing helps you overcome your stress, anxiety, fear and anger. Meditation can also be a part of your breathing exercises.

Another physical technique where electronic methods are used to determine the stress level is biofeedback. This stress reduction technique is aimed to measure the level of stress in athletes while performing high impact exercises or training program. The results of the test help the athletes to improve their performance standards while paralally managing their stress.

The third kind of physical stress reduction technique is exercise that facilitates muscle reaction reducing the stress. Exercise gives you freedom from many hidden mental reactions like frustration and anger while on the other hand muscle relaxation techniques soothe tensed muscles.

Environmental Techniques

Music therapy is one of the stress reduction techniques that help in reducing stress to a great extent. This environmental technique creates a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere around the place we live in reducing the burden of stress in us. Giving less importance to the incident that is causing stress is another effective environmental method of stress reduction.

Mental Stress Reduction Techniques

The most important of all the stress reduction techniques is the healing the mental psyche. Thinking positive, rational and general alertness are some of the techniques to reduce stress. Visualization, imagery, auto-suggestion and self hypnosis are other forms of mental stress reduction techniques. Our mind is very powerful and developing mental strength can help us achieve any of our goals or face challenges in life.

A well controlled mind can be least affected by stress along with which controlling and managing our ideas and imagination can help us with stress reduction. Visualization and creative illusions can build a positive reinforcement to accomplish our targets and reduces stress.

These different and effective stress reducing techniques not only help you reduce your stress but also control your impulsive reaction to stress. Stress management is becoming a crucial decision in most of our lives because everyone wants to live the fullest of their life rather than being tie-up by stress.


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