Different Types Of Stress - Your Body Speaks

Most of us would have got used to dealing with our day to day stress which might at times also make us act crazy. It has been found that people react differently to various types of stress like some become short tempered while others turn their lives into a gloomy shell. Before starting to manage your stress try to understand the cause and the source that has triggered such a condition in you. And the best way to find it is to listen to your body.


Emotional Stress

Emotional stress is one f the most common of its kind which is generally caused due to sudden and drastic change in one’s life. Strain in relationships can be the main cause for such stress. New romantic relationship can also prove stressful for many. But experts have to say something more about the source of emotional stress.

They believe that it not only the change in life but also boredom that can lay foundation for the stress in your life. Many people feel emotionally exhausted after performing a daily chore. In fact you feel so bored and drained after doing the same thing repeatedly every day. Medical professional can be a perfect example of such a stress. Studies have proved that nurses often fall victim to such stress after working for a couple of years in the emergency room! When the stress becomes critical it becomes difficult for the sufferer to handle it.

Illness And Stress

Stress can attack people when they fall sick. While the body is trying to cope with the changes caused by the illness, we tend to develop different types of stress. Short term illness like cold can also load your body with stress. The best way to manage such stress is to understand the symptoms and changes your body is undergoing at the right time which can help you recover from the condition quickly.

Environmental Stress

Environmental changes can also cause stress. Weather changes and extremes of climate tend to disturb our body routine. This disturbance in the body function can make you feel irritable and also short tempered. Pay attention to your body reactions to various conditions. This is the most appropriate way to deal with stress caused by the environment.


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