Epilepsy And Stress Causing Seizures

Epilepsy is a type of nervous disorder that disturbs the regular functioning of the motor, sensory and intellectual part of a person. People with epilepsy often find themselves loose control over their neurological functions. These attacks can appear in the form of seizures also. Researchers have found that there are many factors that generally trigger seizures in epileptic people, one of the primary factors being stress.


These people often experience some indication before the attack of a seizure caused by stress. But there are also times when there are no warning signs of such seizures. Epileptic people can get away from the stress related seizures if they avoid too much exposure to mental strain. Regular medication with a soothing environment can keep them stay away from stress and its ill effects.

How Can You Help People With Stress Causing Seizures

Continuous protection from events causing stress and seizure is almost impossible. Do not panic if any of your friend or relative becomes a victim of events causing stress and seizure. Firstly, protect them from any injuries. When your peer is attacked by seizures, place him or her gently on to the floor and ensure that there are no sharp objects near that can injure the victim.

Also check the victim’s pockets and remove any hard or sharp objects because your peer cannot control their actions and also are not conscious to make a note of these harmful objects. Lay a cushion or a soft object under his or her head to prevent head injuries. Individuals under an attack of seizure tend to hysterically hit their limbs and head against something.

During a seizure attack, do not try to put something into his or her mouth to prevent jaws, gums and teeth injuries, out of concern. Experts say that it is less likely of people to stick out their tongue during seizures. So don’t worry about your peer biting his tongue during the attack as it is pretty safe inside his mouth. To avoid him or her from choking move him or her to their side. Do not try to control their actions during the seizure.

Post Seizure Precautions

It can prove to be quite exhaustive on an epileptic person who is trying to deal with his stress and seizure. Allow him to take rest for a while and stay with him till he calms down. Do not force him to drink or eat before he gains his full consciousness.


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