How To Deal With Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

These days post traumatic stress disorder is being given more attention compared to its concerns in the recent past. This disorder is said to be hitting many number of people which was merely being considered as a shell shock some time back. As the name suggests, it is the stress that arises after a trauma that has occurred in one’s life. Additionally, this makes it more difficult for the affected individual to handle the stress and trauma together.


War Soldiers Are Not The Only Victims

War soldiers can be the best example of post traumatic stress disorder who are forced to go through many horrendous events at the time of war, some of which they are not even trained to handle. All of us are aware of what the US soldiers serving in Vietnam and in recent times Iraq had experienced. It is not only the soldiers but also many others affected by the post traumatic stress disorder especially those who are exposed to the brutal crimes and exploitation frequently.

The origin of post traumatic stress disorder can differ from person to person. But if the condition is not taken care at the right time, it can develop many side effects in the sufferer that can even prove fatal. People in such condition often feel the lack of sleep, depressed, anxious and experience a series of nightmares that can break them down mentally. Traumatic incidents leave behind many unforgettable things to remember and even after a long time a person can recollect those unpleasant moments giving way to stress.

Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD is a serious side effect of post traumatic stress disorder. It refers to a condition where a person develops a totally different personality of himself that can help him create a false illusion of the trauma. The split in the personality involuntarily creates a resistance in the mind to cope up with the unpleasant event that may have occurred in the past or even in the recent.

Professional counseling is one of the best solutions offered to deal with post traumatic stress disorder and extinguish it completely. In this process the individual is examined for the trace of post traumatic stress disorder followed by a treatment that involves counseling, medication and also joining support groups or rehabilitation centers.

The main goal while treating post traumatic stress disorder is to deeply explore and look into the hidden emotions and fears of the victim and treating the psyche. The patient is also taught to deal with such feelings that help him or her come out of the trauma which proves to be a positive step towards building his or her morale.


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