Physical and Psychological Symptoms Of Stress

We with the help of our body respond to different factors in a distinctive way. Environmental factors play an important role in monitoring our body condition and its reaction. Stress is nothing but a negative reaction emitted from the body that directly or indirectly depends on our surroundings and the symptoms of stress help us detect the presence of stress in us. A few sources of stress are unavoidable but many causes can be avoided if taken care at the right time. The symptoms of stress can be a change in a person’s physical or emotional behavior. Symptoms that affect the psychology of a person create further problems if a corrective action is not taken..


Psychological Symptoms Of Stress Are More Easy To Hide

Our physical condition vastly depends on the mental state we are in, so we must be very careful while dealing with symptoms of stress that has psychological effects. The mind’s reaction to stress is totally different compared to our bodily reactions. Stress can actually block the mind in such a way that our thinking capacity on other areas weakens so that there is more scope to focus on the issue created by stress.

Everyone has their own unique way to express stress. A few become short tempered where as a few show incapability in their work. The over burdening can finally lead us to become a discouraged person who may collapse at any point of time. Other psychological symptoms may not appear so distinct at any point of time. Only when a person undergoes a break down it is evident that the person has endured a lot of stress. Lack of concentration or to express irritation for silly things could be other psychological symptoms that are given least significance.

In fact, physical symptoms of stress are more difficult to hide than the mental symptoms. We can always learn to control our emotions and cover other symptoms of stress if it is inclined towards our psychological side.

Workplace stress is the most common of all stress. Unfortunately people bring this stress home eventually leading to stress at home. Even the minutest disturbance in the home front aggravates the mental symptoms leaving a person more exposed to different kinds of stress. This can further lead to fluctuations in temper or even break down. To curtail workplace stress many companies have introduced sessions with psychologists to help the employees cope with their stress condition.

With the fast moving world, stress has become an unavoidable condition in our lives. It is always better to identify the symptoms of stress in the initial stage than to control or manage it in later stages. Recognizing and realizing the condition ourselves is the first and the best step to relieve oneself from further stress at office or at home.


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