Stress – A Friend Or A Foe

Stress has become an indispensable part of our lives. It is not only the office goers but also teenagers, housewives and the seniors who talk about being stressed out after a challenging day. Stress is simply a reaction of our body, given a situation that causes mental worry or even a fright. To see the lighter side of it, stress actually helps us build stronger selves, helping us achieve higher goals and challenges with ease. So it gives us additional physical and emotional boost that has made many great people cross their hurdles and reach their targets.


The Negative Side Of Stress

However, what most of us undergo is negative stress. According to facts ninety percent of people seeking medical intervention in the United States are victims of negative stress and this is almost being considered an epidemic. High blood pressure, high pulse rate and even heavy breathing are indicators of this form of stress. If the condition persists there are chances of developing many health related issues and even damage to organs.

Moreover, people burdened with stress are more likely to get strokes, digestive problems, asthma and muscle tension. Most of the women complain of hair loss while under stress. On the same note, it can also make a person debt ridden, hard coping with office pressure or issues at home and can also make one think unrealistically.

But to curtail the negativities of stress, we need to recognize it and create short term and long term plans that can help get rid of the condition at the right time. ‘Fight or flight’ is the first thing that comes to the stressed minds, putting them in a fix whether to face the problem or just run far away from it.

A disastrous married life with frequent arguments over anything and everything, hurting each other’s feelings is the most common reason found for negative stress. Both the partners are affected at more or less the same degree, when finally they are forced to either fight their way out of the problem or push the issue over the edge just to forget all about it.

To conclude, stress is not just psychological but also physical. People often experience conditions like untimely sleep, oversleeping, suffering from back or neck pains and also headaches under tremendous stress. Thus it makes it very important to understand the emotional and physical phases experienced during a stressful period so as to tactfully deal with the symptoms of stress to lead a normal and a stress-free life.


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