Stress Scale: Testing Your Tolerance

The various kinds of stress can be classified into two categories, one that makes us constructive and the other that can prove detrimental. Only a few types of stress come under the first category mentioned. When you start experiencing constant exposures to stress it is high time you make a note of your stress level in the stress scale. It is not a good sign if you are at the tip of the stress scale. Many researches have proved that people who exceed the stress scale tend to suffer from many ailments than those who have lesser stress levels.


But what is the limit of the stress scale? It all depends on your tolerance level, the capacity of handling a situation is merely in our hands. Restlessness, fatigue, insomnia, apathy, gloominess and lack of motivation are some of the common indicators that reveal the existence of stress in you. You can benefit from many stress management exercises available, once you experience any of these symptoms.

The Best You Can Do

If your stress level is over and above the stress scale, do not start taking medicines immediately out of frustration. Medicines are not the only solace to your situation and cannot always solve your problem. Drugs and pills can give you only temporary relief and once you are off those medicines your stress level is likely to shoot up again. Avoid taking medicines as this can further give you many unwanted side effects. Why choose the last option when there are much milder and simpler means to treat your rising stress level.

Slight alterations in your lifestyle can do a lot good to deal with your stress and prevent going too far on the stress scale. It would be a very serious decision to completely change your life in this fast moving world. But you can slower your pace, giving your self enough time and space in your daily activities. Taking breaks like going on a vacation to a calm and peaceful location can help you stay away from the hectic city life for while. When on vacation, do not forget to turn off your cell phone and stop checking official mails regularly.

Besides the lifestyle changes, attitude and emotional changes can also help you a great deal in managing your stress. If you have gone through one of the hard times in your life that has left only emotional sufferings, allowing the past to drift behind can be a good practice. Constantly thinking of those unpleasant events can do nothing good other than depriving you mentally and emotionally. Forget and forgive is the mantra. Forget the past and forgive those who were involved in the wrong doing.


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