Stress Statistics Brings Many Facts Upfront

Stress statistics furnish us with clear facts and figures about stress and gives useful information on what is to happen on the condition. The statistic also makes available many data on how to deal with stress and stress related problems. It is very interesting to note from these statistics that more than half of the Americans worry about their stress level and are anxious to track the source of stress in their daily routine.


The Mystery Uncovered

Stress statistics reveal that approximately sixty-two percent of the working lot in America feels that the major cause of their stress is their work. The other percentage of the American population believes money to be the key factor causing all the stress in their lives. Recent findings of the stress statistics states that almost seventy-three percent Americans are concerned about their financial situation and the very thought of arranging finances causes tremendous stress.

The most annoying and concerning matter revealed by these stress statistics is the penetration of stress and its ill effects on children, teenagers and even adolescents who fall victim to stress for some or the other reason at such early phases of life.

According to stress statistics, workplace stress is also growing to be a major concern to all the employers and corporate companies. It has been found that a huge quarter of the working population in America takes at least a day’s break from office to stay at home and manage their stress levels.

The stress statistics indicates that it is the Americans who are being affected by stress in large numbers and most of who try to look for assistance for their stressed conditions. The fact and figures state that as many as sixty-six percent Americans have shown interest in seeking guidance to effectively cope up with there stressful lives.

Teenagers and stress has become a matter of concern as it is closely linked with consumption of alcohol and tobacco. The problem is being considered serious because the young minds also get into many illegal activities, substance abuse and also violence due to stress.

The stress statistics makes the fact very clear that stress is a disease that can pave way for many other health hazardous problems like strokes, heart attacks and depression. Infection is also one of the ill effects of stress over one’s health.

Now that the stress statistics have made us aware of the alarming developments of stress, it is high time we got into action to give a helping had to those who suffer with stress, after all who does not want to live a happy and a stress-free life.


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