Stress Test Ranks Your Heart’s Performance

Doctors often use stress test to examine to ascertain that the heart is functioning as regular and also for a general health check-up. The heart is put on to some exerting workouts with the help of a treadmill or an exercise bike to determine the hearts functioning which is measured with the help of an electrocardiogram and blood pressure cuff. You would have heard this stress test commonly being referred as exercise electrocardiography or stress ECG or exercise ECG.


What Do You Benefit From This Test?

During the stress ECG, the person on test is asked to walk on the treadmill or pedal an exercise bike and the electrical activities taking place in the heart is measured by an electrocardiogram. A note on the level of blood pressure is also done. The test has to be performed till the person’s heart rate reaches a predetermined target. However, the test can be stopped well in advance of the said target if the person begins to experience chest pains or when there is a significant rise in blood pressure level.

You should make sure that you have not consumed alcohol or caffeine content in any form, for a minimum of three hours before taking the stress test. After the test you will be under observation for fifteen minutes till the heart rate comes to normal.

However, you cannot solely depend on this stress test as it has been found that this test is not completely capable of detecting many other conditions at a given point of time. Various studies on the subject have proved the above statement. Fifty-six people were found to have hardened arteries even after a positive result given by the stress test of their heart condition.

Anyway a doctor might recommend a stress test which can help to diagnose the heart condition and also help prevent many heart related problems after the prediction. This test is suggested to patients who suffer from coronary arterial diseases which basically help the doctor estimate the efficiency of the treatment being taken. The most significant use of stress test is that it helps doctors foresee dangerous or life-threatening conditions in a person. It can predict stroke or heart attacks that are expected to strike a person in later times.

Additionally, the stress test can recommend the right type of exercise for you and also estimate the benefits of performing such exercises for your health conditions.


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