Test Your Capacity To Tolerate Stress With Heart Stress Test

As we grow old, the various systems and functions of our body slow down. Many researches has proved that men above the age of 40 and women above 50 are vulnerable to heart attacks compared to those who do not come under this age bracket. If you happen to be in the high risk age group, consult your doctor immediately and get a heart stress test done. A heart stress test calculates the tolerance level of your heart to a given stress. People leading an inactive life and those who are careless about their diet intake should for sure get this test done at the earliest.


A heart stress test is highly recommended for those who have a family history of heart diseases or when you suffer from ailments that can further lead to other heart problems. This is also applicable to those who do not come under the high risk age group.

Hereditary plays an important role, especially in the case of developing heart related problems. For instance, if any of your family members has suffered from strokes that had proved fatal to his or her life, there are more chances of you going through the same phase. So it becomes a high priority business to test your heart to estimate its tolerance level to any stress which can prevent situations that triggers a heart attack.

Is The Heart Stress Test Safe?

Undergoing a heart stress test is pretty safe, say experts. There is nothing to worry as the doctor will take all the precautions after looking into your and your family medical history. Examining the medical history makes it easy for the doctor to judge the capacity of your heart. Your heart will be monitored for even the minute indication of exhaustion and the test will be put to a stop if your heart shows some sign of stress.

Do not panic as the doctor will not drive you to the stage of exhaustion that can give you a heart attack. As per reports, only one in every 2,500 patients is likely to get a heart attack while on test. Taking into account the low fatality and the safety measures taken by the doctor prior and during the test, it can be concluded that you will be quite safe while taking a heart stress test.

Is Heart Stress Test After A Heart Attack Advisable?

Medical professionals suggest their patience, who have a record of mild heart attacks, for a heart stress test. This examination can help the doctors to prescribe them the right treatment for their heart condition. But people who have suffered major heart attacks will not be recommended for this test.


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