What Creates Stress In The Workplace

Work and peer pressure in the workplace is turning out to be a major source of stress which is of great concern to many corporate companies in the country. Stress experienced at workplace can drastically affect an individual’s productivity causing a huge loss of fortune to the employers. Despite the fact that, over seventeen billion dollars is being spent in America to curtail stress, the number of people being affected by stress is still on the rise. Additionally, costs like hospitalization, loss of manpower and premature deaths have to be borne due to stress in the workplace.


Corrective Measures Can Be Of Help

One of the primary reasons of the increase in stress at workplace can also be when people have too much or too little workload. So it is the responsibility of a manager to justify the work amongst his employees. The manager should also make sure that his subordinates give priority to the work assigned to them and should also calculate the amount of stress an individual can handle if the workload is increased.

Other reasons of stress in the workplace could be due to many unsystematic external and internal disturbances. These disturbances could be in the form of sudden demands by the supervisor or surprise visits that can be prevented by proper time management and also by assigning responsibilities appropriately. The level of stress can tip off the meter when the employees are said to abide by new procedures and requirements with out any early intimation. The whole scenario can be smoothened by keeping the staff informed well in advance about the policy and process modification being made to increase the productivity, while keeping control of their stress level.

An unfair and distrustful environment can also be a cause for stress in the workplace. Such an environment can not only annoy the workers but also cultivate negative attitude which will further lead to diminishing productivity level, consequently leading to stress in the workplace. It is for sure the responsibility of every employer to have an open communication medium to avoid misinterpretation and confusion between the management and the staff. Every manager is equally accountable to build trust and equality amongst his team members to ensure that every member is comfortable rather than being stressed out at office.

Workers lose focus and confidence in the management when a company does not have a clear cut vision and proper policies and processes not being followed. In such a situation stress prevails and prolongs in the workplace further leading to distress. So it is very crucial for a company to ensure a positive sense of direction along with definite policies and procedures being implemented. A crystal clear communication network can also make the employees realize their responsibilities and any source of ambiguity can be easily traced to control stress in the workplace.


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