Who Are Affected By Heat Stress

Summer is the season closely linked with heat and heat stress is something that occurs at this time of the year. During summer, the hot waves from the sun can make it sometimes hard to breathe. People who live near the dessert or any hot region should be quite aware of the symptoms of heat stress. Do you know that when heat develops in the body it can cause physical and mental harm variation seen from slight to severe?


Symptoms Of Heat Stress

Many people affected by heat stress initially experience dizziness, headache, irritability and weakness. If you have been outdoor on a sunny day and feel any of these indications, immediately go for shelter and drink lots of water. If you ignore these symptoms it might lead to fatigue due to heat which can also be life-threatening. However, when an immediate action is taken at the first sight of the early symptoms, severe conditions like confusion, loss of coordination, upset stomach, voting, fatigue and fainting can be completely avoided.

Avoid Heat Stress While Staying Outdoors

Now a days many professions demands spending a lot of time outdoor. If you are one of those, do not take things lightly. The best option for such outdoor people is to be an early bird and working early morning or late afternoon when the heat is not at its peak can help them away from this form of stress. Try to avoid tiring activities during the noon. It is rather advised to stay indoors when the sun is shining bright and work when the heat of the sun is bearable.

Covering your skin with appropriate and comfortable cloths can also help protect you skin while working outdoors. In fact, extreme exposure to the sun’s radiation can cause certain types of cancer. Sunscreen can be an alternate to people who do not prefer full sleeved dress. Go for a sunscreen that contains high ‘ph’ and constantly apply the lotion to keep your skin well protected from the sunrays.

Drinking plenty of water can keep you away from dehydration and heat stress, even while toiling outdoor. Thirsty or not thirsty everyone should make it a point to drink water particularly those who sweat profusely. Experts believe that we feel thirsty only after our body looses 2% of fluid. Water is considered the most nutritious source as it does not have any calories, so do not wait till your body indicates the water drain and drink refreshing water in abundance.


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