Beware of These 4 Different Stress Varieties

Not a person alive can be found in the world who has not experienced stress, at one time or other. There are different levels of stress and different types which se ourselves have suffered though we have not understood them properly.


As the old adage points out that knowledge is power, the more we know about stress the better will we be placed to manage it properly and relieve ourselves from its terrible effects. There are four basic types of stress to know and a few are more common than others.

Every stress is different from the other and each person has suffered from each of the four types of stress at least once. First there is eustress, a short term stress found when one is in a competitive spirit and which is a positive one. Secondly there is distress bringing discomfort due to the changing routine. The third one is hyper stress where the person is over loaded with work or tasks which are more than what he can handle. The fourth and the last one is hyper stress where the person has not enough to do and suffers because there is no challenge.

Solving the problems

Knowing fully well that stress is always there, many people are totally ignorant of how to handle it successfully by properly understanding the stress syndrome. People think of medications for health disorders but stress can be handled by a number of non prescriptive means. A number of minerals and vitamins work wonders for stress management are very effective for different kinds of stress. Herbal alternatives like Sam-e, Kava-Kava and even St. Johns Wort can be used for different types of stress and their management.

There is also the method of talking away your stress with a friend or your family. You can take a great advantage through their friendship and their anxiety for your welfare. People who wish you the best during your stressful period are the best. To express your feelings and emotions when you are stressed actually by different types of stress is something which cannot be beaten usually. Be free to talk to your friends, your family and your doctor and realize how wonderful your talk woks on others in helping your stress out.


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