How to Deal With Repetitive Stress Injury

Repetitive stress injury is the most difficult of all the most serious and difficult stress injuries to treat. Repetitive stress injury if untreated or not properly dealt with can seriously damage the body and may end in permanent problems.


What is it?

Repetitive stress injury is a group of conditions resulting from too much stress being placed on a joint. A stressful action frequently repeated on a joint without any allowance for its recovery is the cause for this injury. The affected area thus becomes irritated, inflamed, painful and sore.

Repetitive stress injury is signaled by pain in one specific area and indicates the presence of a problem. That particular area on the body will usually be red and swollen and uncomfortable. It may also cause sleeplessness or wake you up in the night.

How to deal with it: The first step to deal with this agonizing and painful repetitive stress injury is to have a physical examination by the doctor who will treat the injury properly to reduce the pain and swelling and keep the problem from getting worse.

You can then carry on your day to day activities normally instead of stopping them because of pain, swelling and stress. The very aim of treating repetitive stress injury is to free you from pain and swelling and prevent future problems. It is essential for you to actively involve yourself in the treatment of your condition.

A few prescription medications are recommended for the treatment of repetitive stress injuries. The most popular are the non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. These drugs bring down inflammation, irritation and swelling and are not recommended for long term use though they effectively relieve the symptoms.

For persisting swelling cortisone is prescribed and if it continues prednisone, the most common form of cortisone is taken in pill form. You must be very careful in taking this drug because of its possible side effects. It is used just to ease the pain and not for any long term solution which has to be found later properly.


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