Dealing With Holiday Stress

You can prepare yourself in many ways to deal with holiday stress when it affects you next time. You have only to modify a bit your approach in dealing with daily stresses in normal life.



When you are out of the town or entertain your guests at home, your daily exercise regimen is altered a little. To cope with holiday stress you have to increase your exercise level, not decrease it.

You are likely to consume plenty of junk food and may even take to alcohol during the holiday period. This surely necessitates that you should significantly work up a sweat to release toxins and stress from your body.

Positive altitude

To deal with holiday stress use your mind and just repeat to yourself again and again “I will not worry about things that I have no control over”.

In the midst of relatives and friends when you see once or twice a year dealing with a holiday stress is a little tricky. Bite your tongue, when you disagree with some one’s ideas of religion or politics. Avoid confrontation and embarrassment to reduce the palpitation of your heart.

You are apt to misinterpret the actions and words of others when you don’t se or meet them frequently. Give the benefit of doubt to them in that situation and get relief from the undue stress thus caused.

Diet and sleep

Don’t change your diet and sleep routine during your holiday. A drastic change in the regular routine sends shock waves though the body and renders you prone to stress and illness. It is easier said than done. If the routine is altered a lot drink more water to avoid constipation and additional stress.

Planning ahead

Plan very well ahead of your holidays and be on your guard to face holiday stress. You can surely enjoy your holidays by taking care of even the minute details in advance.

Do not forget that the mind is a powerful tool to enjoy or deal with holiday stress. How you control your emotions is the key to over coming stress reactions during the holiday period.


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